Hi,I'm Jony Zhang, a Frontend Web Developer in Shenzhen City, China.

My work is to write javascript, ensure browser compatibility, making good user experience.

You can contact me by e-mail, or visit my blog to leave a message.

Here is part of my work, sincerely hope it can bring you some help.

nice-validatorSimple, smart and pleasant verification solution.

nice-uploaderMultiple file upload jQuery plugin with progress-bar, using html5 and flash technology.

nice-gridA data table jQuery plugin.

tpl.jsLightweight javascript template engine.

embedSWFSimple, modern flash dynamic embedding scheme.

webStorageCross browser HTML5 web storage solutions.

placeholderMakes the html5 input placeholder attribute fully compatible.

sptSea.js and Stylus project build tools.

And more, please visit my github page.